Google Chrome 43 and VMware Web Client Issues

VMware is very behind on updating their web plugins. If you are using Google Chrome latest version 43 (with defaults) then you likely are having issues connecting to VMware vCenter VM consoles using VMRC, the VMware Client Integration Plugin, and the Plugin for VMware vRA (vCAC) for integrated windows auth.

By changing these 2 extensions detailed below both the consoles access (vCenter) and integrated auth (vRA/vCAC) now work using Google Chrome 43.
This fix works for Chrome using Mac or PC.


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  1. I have 3 monitors. 1 for Chrome with my email and general usage and 1 of the others is dedicated to Firefox to manage all the web based management stuff us admins have to use. I guess Google wants me to just start recommending ff because for the most part it just works.

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