Red Hat CloudForms gaining momentum in the IaaS and OpenStack arena

CloudForms is quickly gaining popularity as a best-of-breed Cloud Management Platform (CMP) solution to compliment an existing Red Hat shop on its approach to provide IaaS/XaaS. CloudForms has free and paid support levels and provides a native Red Hat experience for integrating with OpenStack and OpenShift. CloudForms was also recently Open sourced which will surely increase user base and extensibility.

Here is the high level architecture of CloudForms:



For OpenStack deployments, CloudForms can now manage cloud-based computational resources, from initial provisioning to retirement. Users can set up their own OpenStack instances, with CloudForms handling the approval process, if one is in place. It can provide charge-back reports so the appropriate business unit can be billed for usage.

For administrators, CloudForms provides a dashboard and reports on OpenStack usage across the organization. It will also provide tools for configuring OpenStack instances.

In addition to supporting OpenStack, CloudForms offers additional controls for AWS as well. It now allows administrators to apply usage policies to Amazon Machine Instances (AMIs) that are self-provisioned by users. It works with Amazon’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) to manage users and workloads.



Want to read more on how CloudForms integrates with OpenStack? Check out this great document:



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